Youth Mountain Bike Racing


At TYO we feel kids should have the opportunity to experience mountain biking racing if they wish. So we have partnered with great organizations and in some cases taken the lead so that kids – whether they are at-risk or not, have the opportunity to try youth mountain bike racing.  Through races at several locations in Virginia kids can experience the excitement and challenges that come with mountain bike racing.

It’s one more opportunity for them to overcome obstacles and gain a boost in self-esteem.      

Check out our schedule of upcoming races to find one near you and if you have any questions, email Julie@trailsforyouth.org.

The generous support of our donors allows us to provide scholarships to children who otherwise couldn’t participate and when available, TYO can provide access to bikes, mentor-led rides to develop skills , confidence and experience.   

All racers MUST wear a helmet and TrailsforYouth.Org recommends that all riders pre-ride the race course prior to each race.