Youth Mountain Bike Racing

Jbombr_LRJBOMBR#3 FINAL Race and SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP – SUNDAY, SEPT. 29. Registration opens at 2:15 and closes at 2:45, only $15, great chance for kids to own the race course at Wakefield. See you there!



Recognizing that kids want the additional challenges of competitive organized sports, TrailsforYouth.Org has partnered with several current race organizers to include a junior race component and developed a Youth Only Mountain Bike Series. With this series, young riders can unleash their competitive side and challenge themselves.     Providing this level of riding creates an opportunity for the more experienced bikers to challenge themselves, and furthers our mission to provide opportunities for more kids to be active outdoors.    

Ready...set....GO!And for those children who want to compete, but don’t have the opportunity or equipment necessary, TrailsforYouth.Org can provide access to bikes, as well as mentor-led rides to develop skills, confidence and experience.     

The generous support of our donors allows us to provide scholarships to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate.   

All racers MUST wear a helmet and TrailsforYouth.Org recommends that all riders pre-ride the race course prior to each race.

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